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From the President & CEO

Now that corporate blogs are clearly part of the business mainstream, it's a good time to review some key points for this new form of external communications.

As with any other form of corporate outreach, a blog needs to be an integral part of a company's communications plan. To be effective, its content should contribute to the overall corporate image, support a company's missions and goals, and highlight its products and capabilities.

The company also must be ready to commit the necessary resources to run a blog. Whether this is a collaborative effort or the forum for a specific top corporate executive, blogs requires major commitment to create, operate – and most importantly, to maintain. Subject matter needs to be researched, developed and posted; public comments need to be answered quickly and accurately. And once the blog is running, there are "tricks of the trade" to ensure it develops a readership base.

If the decision is made to launch the corporate blog, here are some rules to follow:

  • The blog's content should go beyond what's available from other company information sources, including its website, press releases and newsletters. To be useful and interesting, a blog needs to provide additional insights into the company, including its strategies, strengths and policies.
  • Don't directly bash the competition. There are plenty of ways to differentiate a company from others in its sector without picking a fight. In the blogosphere, as with the rest of the business world, "what goes around comes around."
  • Do not hesitate to take a stand. The blog is the perfect communications tool to express the company's support – or opposition – to regulations, legislation or any development of importance. State the corporate position clearly, explain why the company is for or against the topic in question, and provide details on why the outcome supported by company's stance will benefit the industry, public, consumers, etc.

If you wish to share your blog experiences, or would like some additional input, don't hesitate to contact me.

Jeffrey Lenorovitz
President & CEO
The InfoWEST Group